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She is the one who started building up this forum. She's very nice, a little bit mentally deranged, french, handsome, amazing, totally single but too good for you (and this is totally not written by her! I tell you!) and stupid. The favicon was made by her.

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RP synopsis
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Ever wondered what happens when you die?
If you go to heaven, hell, if you reincarnate or nothing happens? Well here's an answer! Let's casually start by talking about the shiniko's.

Shiniko's are born from death.
Now, to illustrate how they are born from death, when a human die, it's soul will have for option :
  • One, it will pass on wherever souls usually go, that it be heaven, hell or reincarnation.
  • Two, it will linger as a human spirit, your typical ghost that cannot interact with the living and merely wonders, abiding until it is passed on or corrupted.
  • Three, if the person died in the state of prolonged emotional darkness, it will become a phantom, a ravenous and destructive corrupted spirit that consumes souls to survive.
  • And finally, four, the spirit will be reborn as a Shiniko.

Wether in a tragic death or in a life with a great deal of suffering, Shiniko's are all borne from suffering. They will not remember their past lives except rare cases and become preys to the corrupted souls. They cannot live on their own, either, or else they will become corrupted spirits and turn into phantoms. In order to stay safe, they will need the protection of more powerful spirits which are known as dema's.

Wish to know more informations about the Shiniko's? Here are a few links that will tell you a little bit more about the shiniko's!

Click here for more informations about Shiniko's, dema's, phantoms and afflicted.
Click here for more information.
Click here for the rp deviantart group

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