[Black Market+Fight Ring] Spring Brawl (Open for everyone)

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[Black Market+Fight Ring] Spring Brawl (Open for everyone)

Post by Ana-Mizuki on Fri Apr 13, 2018 9:35 am

The desolate stadium had been scouted for months in advance, just in case anything dire would pop up that would endanger the event. Nothing was spotted, and so the Black Market Dema were more than happy to set up the Spring Brawl event.

To mortal eyes, some had just a bit decorated the stadium. To the eyes of the supernatural, the place was bustling. There were food and drink stands, scoreboards for the matches and even large stages that would no doubt have auctions going on, once the unfortunate shiniko and phantoms had shown their skills.

To ones who were not under the direct thumb of the Black Market, house stalls were set up. As usual, House Chance was there with only two fighters. But to those who had money to gain, they might have just arrived with only one. Styx was a surefire bet, at least so far, and so the House's stall saw visitors aplenty.

Styx sat on a bench, wiping off some blood from a previous bout. It was too early to say if he'd succeed the next time, and that thought made his skin crawl. That, and the people talking to Master. Usually Styx wouldn't care a toss about the others around their stall, but many had wanted to meet him as well. Much to his fear, he knew how the stocks worked, people wanted to see him to buy him.

Chance, for their part, had long since given up on trying to correct the paranoid shiniko. They just hoped no one would actually TRY to buy him.


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