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Post by EurekaClown on Sat Jan 20, 2018 10:18 pm

Name : Von Sorenson
Gender : Male
Age of death : 21

House : Yvis

House ability : A brief period of extreme strength overcomes the user as they attempt to protect those they love or try to kill those they hate. It has a limited/short time of use, so it must be used strategically.

Abilities :
Lightning control: Von can summon lightning to either take down/stun his foes or surge any weapon he is holding with electricity sadly for him he cannot do this indoors or if there is little to no clouds in the sky. Less clouds = Less surge.

Dog whistle: Von is able to call upon any canines in a 300 meter radius and command them. He has no control on who answers his call...

Other forms :
Hooded Crow

Personality :
Von is a very optimistic and charismatic person to be around, he hates violence and tries to solve things peacefully if he can. He loves listening to others and always needs to be doing something.

History :
It was late at night durning the German occupation of Norway in 1941 when Von was taking his dog Claus for a walk. Claus and Von had an incredible bond, the elkhound would follow Von anywhere and everywhere unless told to stay by his owner.

As they went for their nightly walk they unfortunately came across two drunken German soldiers, Von tried his best to avoid them but they had already noticed the young man and his dog. As they approached Claus gave a growl in warning which only provoked the soldiers to do more, despite Von's pleas to let them go one suddenly kicked at Claus causing him to snap at the soldier. Suddenly enraged the German man began shouting at Von about how the dog needed to be put down before handing him his hand gun and telling Von to shoot the dog.

Von begged and pleaded but soon the soldier gave him a choice either his own life or the dog's. The gun was then forcefully given to him, with his hand shaking he pointed the gun at Claus, only to be stared back at with trusting eyes, unable to pull the trigger on his friend Von quickly pointed the gun at the soldier only to be shot down by his partner. Just before he died he could hear the barking of his companion only for it to stop suddenly right after the sound of another gun shot.

Physic description : Brown side shaved hair, blue eyes.

Other Facts : Good boy

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