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Post by EurekaClown on Sat Jan 20, 2018 10:22 pm

Name : Monica Karad "The Monkey"
Gender : Female
Age of death :20

House : Anarchy

Abilities :
Life of paper: Monica, knowing origami, is able to create whatever creature possible out of paper and summon it to life, while summoning she can also decide what size it can be. Although any animal or object she summon's looks and feels like the real thing in the end they are still paper and are exceptionally weak to water and fire.

High Jump: Monica is very light on her feet and is able to jump very high.

Other forms :
Golden snub-nosed monkey
Chinese Pangolin
Bat eared fox

Personality :
Monica is a very happy go lucky individual, with maybe too much energy to spare. She tends to leap before she thinks and says what's on her mind but is still considerate of others, for the most part.

History :
Monica's family had to move to America for her father's work, she was very excited for her new life to begin and almost couldn't wait to move there and start her college life which gave her parents much relief as they were afraid she would have been nervous leaving her friend and other family in China.

Unfortunately her new life wasn't as grand as she had hoped, yes she had made new friends and adjusted smoothly to her new life but she had also become a target for some people with difficult views on foreigners on campus. It was usually worse when she was alone, often being harassed or finding threatening notes at her table or locker, but one time it just went to far.

When waiting for the last train in the subway she was approached by a group who began harassing her, verbally at first but soon turned physical trying to escape the people who had circled around her Monica went to far and fell over the edge and onto the tracks, she hit her head on the metal rails and fell unconscious. Afraid that she was dead the group ran off leaving her to be run over by the train.

Physic description : Asian, small, long black hair and amber eyes

Other facts :
Happy child

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