Nylia - The dema of purification and poisoning

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Nylia - The dema of purification and poisoning Empty Nylia - The dema of purification and poisoning

Post by CrazyAngel on Fri Mar 03, 2017 4:29 pm

Name : Nylia

Gender : Female

Type : Light dema

Nature : Dema of purification and poisoning

Shiniko's : Raphy and Nathalie Oceantide. 18/20 spots left.

Affinities : 

  • Purification/ poisoning : Purification has already been explained, poisoning would simply be the opposite. She can only do that while being in a liquid, though. She'll unpurify it to a point it could become highly dangerous for someone. Usually, she can purify or poison water (or any liquids) by placing her hand over it for a lower range, or else by swimming around. If the purification is clearly visible, you will see it all around her to a big range while she swims around.
  • Water/ice : She can control the water around and can also turn it into ice, a little bit like a water bender. But the amount of water she can control is bigger and could create on her own whirlpools or any phenomenons water can have. The only thing is, bigger the control is, more it takes her energy, but she can last for quite a while. Even though it is mentioned water, she can basically control anything that is liquid.
  • Air bubbles : A little bit like Blue shadow (I asked twin to make sure it was fine) she can create bubbles of air underwater to drag people around (or in other cases, save them) and bring them in her dome if needed or bring them into safety. She can make a bubble that can hold up to 5 people and will never use it to drown someone as she considers it being very cruel. It would only be if she saw no other ways and it was to protect, but she hates using that method.

House ability : 

  • Purification : This power grants them the ability to purify any kind of liquids simply by placing their hands over or swimming around. The purifying process goes all around them as they go. It is also a power that can be used to purify water to it's more pure and use it on wounds, uninfecting them. They can't heal the person, but it's what can be best to actually uninfect a wound without any pain, though they have the keep purifieing the water when placing it on the wound. It also gives them a certain immunity to poison since they can purify their own blood easily. It also makes them immune to poison as their body will automatically eliminate any poisons that enters their system.

Personality : Nylia is a very patient and loving dema, she could be considered being quite wise as well. She's very gentle with people and caring, it also makes it that she has a very motherly nature even though she can't have kids, it won't stop her from that. She can become quite adventurous as well as she has a big curiosity. If their's something she never saw before and she doesn't feel like it's any danger, she'll go check it out. She's can also be silly at times, she loves pulling pranks and playing around, being a bit of a child at heart. She's not much of a fighter, preferring to use more pacific methods, but being protective, if you push her to fight, she can either simply put the other person back to his place when it can be handled easily like that or become extremely brutal if brought to that point. People don't often see her being brutal, so when it happens it's always a bit of a shock.

History : [Will be written soon]

Physic description : http://zecrazyangel.deviantart.com/art/Nylia-The-dema-of-purification-and-poisoning-523488158

Other facts : 

  • She never wears cloth underwater. 1- She doesn't see nudity the same way human does, she doesn't really care about it. 2- It can become very bothering for her to swim with cloth's, especially with the buttoms as a skirt would go through the way of her tail and it would be complex to place a pair of pants, but she will wear cloth's out of water if she's around humans as she perfectly knows how they see nudity... Though sometime she does forget.
  • She is omnivorous just like humans but will eat things humans won't such as sea weeds and other things.

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