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Shrine Pets information and lore Empty Shrine Pets information and lore

Post by CrazyAngel on Thu Mar 02, 2017 6:58 pm

Shrine Pets

Shrine pets are spirit animals that accompany Dema houses. Shrine pets can be any type of animal, adorn with charms other types  of little trinkets. There are rules though so read this over very carefully!!

Unlike shiniko, shrine pets can be any color, and can be crossed with other things, and have things like horns, saber tooth fangs or any oddities you wouldn't see on normal animals. This will remain and open species until all houses are filled. Shrine pets are spirits of light and therefor can not acompany the darkness. 

House Shrines

House Shrines can be located in or around Dema houses. And are generally made of either rock, crystal, wood, or even a mix of the three, and have a small hot spring surrounding it for the spirits to rejuvenate in. These shrines must always have a leader spirit to care for it, and keep order to the spirits that are housed with in them. These spirits are called Shrine Pet Alphas. Like a Dema they are much stronger than the spirits under them. 

- House shrines can not go to Dema houses of darke/bad nature.
- Each house can only have ONE shine.
- There can only be four house shrines. (for now at least)
- Shrines can only have 6 members in it, one being the leader and then each member can make two spirits to go under the house. Chose wisely though. You may only be in one shrine. If you're leader of one shrine, you can not make a shrine spirit for other shrines, and same goes for if you did not make a leader. Both of your shrine pets will stay in one shrine. 

If you plan on trying to get a shrine placed in your house YOU MUST DO THE FOLLOWING!!!
- Create an example or app of your shrine pet alpha. 
- Send me (TwinTigerPaw) a note on DA (or private message here, but it's preferable to contact me on deviantart) with your character info and what house their shrines going under and then you wait. I will present your try out to Blue and SG, and we will rate and vote on if you win the shrine or not.
- Once you're aproved, You will submite the character to the group and then we the admins will put it in the right folders.

Powers and Limitations

A shrine pets powers will be based off of not only the house they're from but also their leader. Clara is from House Gau, so she has a big apetite, loves the water and then her own personal power to herself is fire. Spirits in her shrine would also love food, like the water and have a pasive fire power from Clara as well as one power unique to the spirit. 

- They can not have powers over teleportation, banishment, or dark magic.
- Shrine pets do not have unlimited power. They will run out of power in a fight and when they do, they themselves get banished back to their shrine where they must recharge in the hot spring. Shrine pets can also be sent back to their shrine if they are to badly injured and can no longer fight.

What they Can and Can't do or Have

- Shrine pets can not be older than 100,000 years old
- Shrine pets can not be bigger, or stronger than Clara, she's the first and original.
- Shrine pets can be any kind of animal, from a kiwi to a dragon, but they can NOT be bigger than a horse. If you make your shrine pet something like a dragon or dinosaur, they must be 13 feet tall or less. No bigger that 13 feet.
- They can not have more than two powers, one power being something they get from their alpha. Only one power up to you.
- They are single formed beings. Shrine pets can not have human forms.

- This is the most important of all, please do not try and make your shrine pets as old as clara. She, along with four other shrine pets came to hallowed earth one at a time, her and these shrine pets are called ancients. Ancients are the closed species half of the Shrine pets as I will allow people I trust to have these characters.

Shrine slots

Also, when wanting to join a shrine, do ask the owner of the shrine as well as one of the admin~

1.) Shrine Pets information and lore Twintigerpaw Shrine of House Gau
Leader Clara (4/5 slots avalable)
2.) Shrine Pets information and lore Unexus Shrine of House Miphisto 
Leader Oberon (5/5 stots avalable)
3.) Shrine Pets information and lore Zecrazyangel Shrine of House Nylia
Leader   (5/5 slots avalable)
4.) Shrine Pets information and lore BulletgreenOpenShrine Pets information and lore Bulletgreen
5.) Shrine Pets information and lore Bluepawproductions Shrine of House Vesuvious
Leader Akumon (5/5 slots avalable)
6.) (Reserved)
7.) (Reserved)
8.) (Reserved)

Shrine Pet Ancients

1.) Shrine Pets information and lore Twintigerpaw Clara the Ancient of Fire
2.) Shrine Pets information and lore Kerugarn Gaia the Ancient of Nature
3.) Shrine Pets information and lore Bluepawproductions Akumon the Ancient of Water 
4.) Shrine Pets information and lore Sg96 the Ancient of Air
5.) Shrine Pets information and lore Seishiyo Shizukana the Ancient of Balance 
6.) Shrine Pets information and lore Asimplemoon the Ancient of Healing


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Shrine Pets information and lore Empty Re: Shrine Pets information and lore

Post by CrazyAngel on Fri Mar 03, 2017 4:07 pm

The History of Clara and how the Shrines were made

Long ago, Clara had arrived on Hallowed Earth as just a spirit. Not really extremely strong and she wasn’t well either. Because she was not accustom to the world at the time. Over time, four more shrine pets joined her side. Alpha types like her. These five spirits called themselves the ancients. Clara was known as the Ancient of Fire. Her sister, Gaia was was the Ancient of Nature. There was also an Ancient of Water, Wind, and Balance. Together they wondered until they meet a creature called a Dema. This man’s name was Gau. He had found them all resting together, and thought they looked hungry, offering them food. Grateful for his kindness they offered to repay him somehow. The man was so sweet and said all he wanted was friendship. 

Eventually, Clara would come to the agreement of making a shrine within Gau’s house where the five could reside. Over time they all moved apart as the shrines could unfortunately not hold more than one alpha. So the other four set out in search of Dema that may have welcomed them. Sadly Gaia would not have been around long as before she could even settle a shrine, she had sacrificed herself to help another. 

There are now only four Ancients alive. Only Clara is known for the time being. 

Shrine Build Meanings

Stone Shrines are symbols of strength. They often reflect the stoic spirit of a Dema who has gone through hardships. Stone represents strong standing and good support.

A shrine made of wood represents a love for nature or maybe an uneasiness in the heart of a Dema who has yet to learn important lessons. 

Shrines made of crystal represent purity and a strong since of justice in the mind of a Dema. They can also represent the high standards a Dema has set in their life, or even how light spirited they are.

Shrines that are made of all three materials can mean many things. Building a shrine from all three can mean that the Dema has a versatile personality and is very laid back and relaxed.

Dark Shrine Build Meanings

Shrines made of obsidian represent the brittleness in a dema's heart. They are frail, and often don't let people get close as they're scared of breaking.

Petrified Wood means the dema's heart has been harden, and numbed to the feeling of love and compassion. They no longer feel sympathy, or empathy for anything.

A shrine of thorns means the dema has walled off their heart, as they cherish things they hold dear to them, and wish to keep things safe, no matter the cost.

A shrine made of all three means that the dema has either found peace, or repented for past transgressions, be it they did something wrong, or let something happen with out their knowing. The three together represents their new found stability.

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