What is Shiniko Hollow?

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What is Shiniko Hollow? Empty What is Shiniko Hollow?

Post by CrazyAngel on Fri Mar 03, 2017 4:11 pm

What is Shiniko hollow?

Shiniko Hollow is a DeviantArt roleplay group created by BluePawProduction.

What is the story context?

Shiniko's are born from death. They are people who died but haven't passed nor to hell, nor the heaven. They are stuck on earth. As far as ut is known, most of them has died in a tragic story and will not remember their past lives (except rare cases). They are the typical ghosts who cannot interact with the living and have to live in the house of a Dema to avoid being turned into a phantom or an afflicted.

Cool! But I wish to know more about...

It is a good idea to check the deviant page of the group since their will sometime be new information. Generally, I will make sure to put the new information here, but just incase I don't Wink

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