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Post by CrazyAngel on Thu Mar 02, 2017 5:17 pm

Just to make everything go smoothly, avoid conflict, and make this all conducive for a great role-play, everyone needs to abide by the same ground rules.  So lets set some so no one has unnecessary problems.

#1  Most important is to be respectful of all admins.  You can see right under the profile picture if someone is an admin here, so show them their due respect.  If an admin tells you that you're behaving inappropriately or that you have broken a rule, please don't argue with them.  They're here to help and they make my life so much easier. If the admins are being disrespected, that's just something they don't need any part of and they do have the authority to ban you from this site.  So be mindful of that.

#2  No god modding. For those of you that do not know what that is, it's basically making your character really over powered in an RP or just completely taking over and disregarding the other role-players posts.  For example: Say your character is fighting with someone else's.  It would be god modding if your character threw in a bunch of punches, split open the earth, stabbed their opponent through the guts, tossed them into another dimension, and then did a backflip for dramatic effect.  That's a bit of an extreme example, but you get the idea.  God modding also applies to having your character never take any damage.  Your character can get hurt and it is fun to RP that sometimes. So give it a chance.  If someone hits you or attacks, your character isn't invincible. They can dodge and don't need to be hit every time, but never getting hit ever is a problem.

#3  Please don't kill or severely wound someone's character without their permission.  This kind of falls under god modding, but I feel like this is important enough to be addressed separately. If you want to have an intense fight where your character does something like that, ask the other RPer for permission.  You'd want the same courtesy.

#4  If you want to join a private RP, please ask the people in it first. Public RPs are the place to just jump in whereas private RPs are most likely there because someone wanted a fast-paced RP that they could pop in and easily do without concern of reading a whole bunch of posts.

#5  No fighting amongst yourselves guys, please.  If people are being directly rude or disrespectful to each other then they aren't needed to be on the sight. We don't need infighting drama.

#6 The icon maximum dimensions are 200x400

#7 This is an extra I added for those who may come from other forums, but on this forum we don't have the double account system. So it's all on the same account! Smile

#8 You must ask the owner of a dema before putting your shiniko in his house! Since dema's can only hold up to 20 shiniko's, it will avoid any confusion x)

#9 You can only have 1 dema, but you can get as many shiniko's, phantoms and afficted as you wish!

#10 You must talk to TwinTigerPaw if you plan to make a Shrine pet.

Now! VERY important!  If someone is breaking any of these rules or you are having an issue with an RPer that pertains these rules, please contact one of the admins of the group.  You can either send us a private message here or send us a note on our deviantart!
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